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I have learned to practice detachment/ surrender and to trust the outcome of
my desires to God. I have experienced some amazing synchronicities and manifestations. However sometimes when I am close to reaching a goal I begin to have a harder time keeping negative thought out and trusting in my higher power. When something is only a concept in my mind it is easier to detach from it and let things work out however it will, trusting in God that the results will be the best for me. But when that concept becomes a real physical thing , ( for example, when I actually meet and start dating my "perfect" mate, or am about to actually make a lot of money) I have trouble letting it go. "What if she begins dating someone else..." " What if..." I know these thoughts may block stuff from happening. How do you let stuff go when it's at the point where it seemingly means so much to you

When you can be detached from the outcome of the important issues in your life, then you know you are truly detached. Detachment and trust in God grows over time through clarity of self-awareness. The negative thoughts and doubts that come up are old conditioning that want to keep the old ego self in place. Don’t struggle against the thoughts or feelings; just recognize them for what they are. The more you are aware of your self as independent from these thoughts, the less power they have to derail your desires. Over time and they eventually lose their grip, and you are free from your old conditioning.



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Letting go does not means we don t care. We are actually not letting go our Love, we let die our Ego. If the love is based in possessiveness and the need, it is Ego, not Love. As you wrote, true Love is unconditional...Great writing Soni.
Free Hug Yoga - Misa Derhy - March 6, 2012
Hi my name it Michelle. I have BP -Disorder That does not give me an excuse to abuse another person verbaly, physicaly, or emotionaly. What it does require; is that I take my meds EVERY DAY, eat healty, sleep healthy, take vitamins, and go about the rest of my shit life. But I smile (as best I can) because this is my life and my responcibility. You are not even involved in that equation. He is LUCKY, LUCKY you tolerate his abuse and he refuses to work on it. He has a \"biological illness\". He need medical care to get stable... Then get on a system.... He foesnt want to work on what he is now. LEAVE HIM. He can not be fixed. And he doesnt even want the generocity of your help. This is the one life God gave you. Your reaching iut for help. ? I`m giving you permission to leave him and persue your own life. He`ll be ok. He`s not ready to let go of his HIGH`s yet. It`s better than any drug. Go out and meet someone with any type of personality!!! ...but who wants to grow, always. That`s the fountain of youth. Dont look back ...i can feel where your at! Praying for you that what ever best outcome be healthy and clear. xo
mngrey - March 6, 2012
Letting it go doesnt mean forgetting all about it. It means to detach from it, giving you a clearer more accurate view of the problem.
Gary Appleton - March 5, 2012
That a very hard question and letting go is only a mental process of life, but if you don`t let go it will mental break you down, you just have to face the situation and ask a higher power and relax
Brenda Asiedu - March 5, 2012
Who says you have to let it go?
Paul Inberea - March 5, 2012
I have been thinking a little more since I had commented a few hours ago. In my case, I think in the inside sometimes I don`t really feel like letting some stuff go, its just that I feel it has to be refixed somehow to avoid little inconsistencies to make certain thoght or emotion better. Not everything must be let go I believe, some things just might need to be understood well enough to be able to forget the bad ( I mean by this something like not letting disturb you ), forgive and leave better. When it comes to love, it is really important to undertand what kind of love either one is willing to give in the friendship, to keep it as a friendship or go beyond, then, I believe you can let go and accept reality.
Jose E. Ortega - March 5, 2012
Well said
Varinder Singh Gill - March 5, 2012
Recognize that these obcessive thoughts are an attempt to control either the person or the situation. Faith and trust are what you need.\n. \n They will come with continued awareness of your own part in things.\n\nSounds like you are doing well. This is a process and you are well on your way.
Hoo Hoo - March 5, 2012