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Guided Meditation

I have been on the journey of wellbeing for about 4 months now. I try to do your guided meditation and yoga every day. My question is, when I try to do meditation by myself (not guided) I find my mind wandering and thinking about other things like work and past events in my life and not concentrating on just being. Do you have any suggestions that would help me in meditating better. Thank you for your time!

Guided meditation keeps your attention on track by giving your mind a reference to come back to when it wanders. Self meditation uses a mantra or attention on the breath to do the same thing. An easy meditation practice is to easily bring your attention to your inhalation and exhalation. You can think the sound “so” as you breathe in and silently think the sound “hum” as you breathe out. This so hum meditation will help your meditation practice.


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Hi, I am starting with the 21 days challenge, learning how to meditate, I' ve downloaded almost everything regarding this challenge from ivoox but unfortunately there's some days missing so I was wondering if you can help me?

Christina Romero - February 10, 2016
It`s normal to have thoughts during meditation and for the mind to wander. Do not judge yourself for it and try not to feel frustrated about it - it will only make you tense-up and make it impossible for you to have an enjoyable meditation. Relax and just accept that it is normal to have thoughts during meditation. When you notice that you have been thinking instead of observing your breath or your mantra, just simply go back to thinking the mantra or observing your breath (or whatever it is that you meditated on). Also, let go of any expectation that you should have an amazing meditative experience every time you meditate, that will also make you tense-up and stop you from having a deep meditative experience. If you did not have a deep meditative experience, just accept it and keep your meditation practise regular. We are conditioned in the West to think that the harder we try the better our results will be. With meditation it`s not like that, all you need to do is to gently go back to the meditation when you`ve noticed that you have had thoughts, don`t force anything. In the same way that if you tried hard to make yourself fall asleep it would be counter-productive, it would make you tense-up and stop you from falling asleep. In meditation we are not asleep, we are fully awake and deeply aware but we are also in a deeply relaxed state.
Lars - March 7, 2012
Me gustaria participar en el desafio de meditaciòn por 21 dìas\n\nGracias\n\nno pude registrarme pero mi correo es:\n\n\nGracias\n\nPatty
Doris Patricia Castrejon - March 2, 2012
Maybe you can look into the AH Meditation Wayne Dyer teaches which he also learned from an Indian guru.
Wil Possible - March 2, 2012
I can not relax enough for meditation unless I`m laying down. But then I fall asleep. Is this ok to fall asleep while meditating?
Mary Krenzelok - March 2, 2012
\"In true meditation let go of control, let go of the meditator. Simply allow your experience to be exactly as it is\" ~Adyashanti
Shannon Coleman - March 2, 2012
Release the past, let go the past, free yourself and everyone in your life, Move in the present Love. Peace , Silent , Harmony, You can observe thoughts in meditation and use the vibration of your stage of meditation to transform the sequence of thought, to purify the nature in itself of the thought, until it dissolve in love and in the nothingness of the pure essence of light,. Vibration of healing sounds of crystal bowls can help much to calm the altered frequency of thoughts and emotions, Its a wonder.
Valery - March 2, 2012
i read your books and trying to follow you as much as i can.thank you very much.I have a 15 year old daughter who was recently diagonised to be suffering from vasculitis(wegeners granulomatosis).Doctors are treating her with steriods(wysolone} and cyclophosphamide etc.she is taking everything very bravely.what else can be done? How can i help her? is there any alternate medicine or something which can be given to strengthen her? please guide me.
anithashivram - March 1, 2012