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Hi Deepak, I've been practicing meditation for quite a while, as a result of this practice a range of abilities have emerged including telepathy. I've noticed that the skill required to connect with people telepathically is the same as the skill required to connect with people who have passed on, who are dead for want of a better word.

The process is the same, connecting with their consciousness. Telepathy with living people can, therefore, be considered a means of sharpening one's skill for communicating with the dead. Having connected with a number of dead relatives, I have noticed that while all seemed perfectly happy none were aware that they were dead. They seemed to be in a kind of dream like state and completely unaware of their present condition of free-floating consciousness. Does this correspond to your experience? Do you think there are different states of consciousness after death for different people?


Your point about communicating with individuals telepathically whether they are embodied or not makes sense to me. The evolution of consciousness is a continuum whether one is in a physical body or not. But I think your interpretation that those who have died don’t know they are dead may be a little off. I know that is an idea that has been played with in a number of movies lately, but the death event is a big deal in the course of one’s life. What you may be picking up on is fact that those souls without bodies are still aware and thinking and communicating and therefore their real life has not ceased, so they do not see themselves as dead, only without physical bodies.

The other factor is that whereas most souls after death will shift their attention away from earthly concerns on to the next phase of their spiritual evolution. Those that you are more likely to communicate with are those who haven’t redirected their focus away from the physical dimension and therefore they are ignoring the obvious point of their lack of a physical body.


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maria montalvo - May 17, 2015
well if you can communicate with them help them realize that they are passing over. maybe you have the talent to help them. I still need to learn how to communicate with human alive. so it will be a whole extra work if the others comes around. I do know people who have the ability to see them.and help them to pass over. but you are free to choise not to take that job. or to take it if it makes you happy. you use the potentiality you have as a gift you can use.
valery - February 23, 2012
Yes,we are many spirits because of reincarnation.
Barbara Hilker - February 16, 2012
How do WE ourselves know that we are not already dead? If there are that many `proven`spirits walking around and going about thinking they are still living who is to say that we too are not one of them!!!
Heulwen Renshaw - February 15, 2012
I am so happy,that my husband ignores this next step.Knowing him,\nHe dont trust this higher realms.Neither do I.\nWe are perfectly happy here.\nHe also is still above ground.(Mausoleum).We communicate face to face.\nPS. I consider this as another coping with grief.\n I`m aware,that some people call this mentally not O.K.But I happily \n ignore it.
Barbara Hilker - February 15, 2012
That`s true.After my husband died,I had a dream.He was standing right before me und I screamed:You are alive,you are alive and hugged him.I will never forget his face und saying: Was is the matter with you? He coud`nt understand.Also he walked back right in to the house.Wonderful,he is with me.
Barbara Hilker - February 15, 2012
after being exposed to several \"psychics\" who turned out to be frauds, I have a real problem with this post. In my time of meditation, I have never seen or communicated with any of my dead loved ones. My mom just died and before that she had two experiences of death, the white tunnel. In each experience she said that she knew she was leaving this realm and going to some place of \"deep peace\". Both times, she was greated by my grandfather who told her it wasnt her time yet. I feel confident that mom is at peace and knows that she isnt here any longer. I expect more from a Deepak post, and am confused.
Jean Marie Boyer - February 15, 2012
The Archangels, through an angel interpreter, did tell me that both my Mother and my best friend were very busy \"doing their work\", but they were also watching out for me. I had the sense that they had simply moved to a new location, but other than that, not much had changed.
Lauren McLaughlin - February 15, 2012