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Faces in Meditation

 Dear Deepak Firstly may I thank you for being such an inspiration. My question relates to experiences which I do not understand since I've been meditating (for the past year). I sometimes close my eyes and see different faces - none of whom I recognize. This can also happen if I just close my eyes whilst not meditating. I would be very grateful for your thoughts on the above.


This is nothing to be concerned with or anything you need to pay attention to. If you happen to see any faces during meditation, simply return to your practice. All such experiences or thoughts should only be taken as reminders to return to meditation.


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I was in deep meditation and saw a lizard humanoid with yellow eyes it was just staring at me. I have an injury from working out, I have been having muscle cramps on my left side. I felt a cool breeze come over me and a tingling sensation come over my body my pain eased up a great deal. I was frightened, but I knew it was not going to hurt me even though it had the ability to do so. I don't know what to make of this.
Saladin Minutello - January 1, 2016
I`m a beginner in meditation, it was my first time meditating. I`m only 18, and I have to admit I was meditating for fun, and because I read online that it takes off stress. It took me a long while to concentrate. But when I was meditating, I felt myself floating in mid-air. It`s like I was floating on the universe. I couldn`t move. I couldn`t feel myself. There were some white light coming in from my window. And I saw this light blue frosty circle in front of me. It was scary but it felt so natural and calming. I had some body pains that time, but after meditation, I felt as if I was reborn. I no longer felt pain. When I was meditating, I felt as though the Universe was communicating with me. I never felt so peaceful and calm. I felt like it was giving me answers. I couldn`t rmb everything the voice said, but I rmb it was so calming. Then suddenly I was back in my own room. An anguished face just came at me. I could tell that this face have suffered a lot and was in pain. A voice told me that this face represents my suffering and I shouldn`t be scared, it wouldn`t hurt me if I knew how to overcome it. There were some black shadows floating around, trying to come in, I was scared, but I realized I had this white light around me. The shadows made weird noises. Oh right, and I saw a little kitten in front of me. The voice said it would find me when the time is right. I meditated for around 3 hours, but to me it felt like 10-15 minutes. This meditation brought back some memories. When I was young, there were just weird things, and dreams that I had. And I go see stuff. I remember I had a guardian angel who brought me to both Heaven and Hell. I don`t know if I`m crazy, but I remember I refused to go for reincarnation... Because I couldn`t let go of something, she persuaded me to. I remember having this other life during the Japanese occupation. The angel left when I was 12-13, and told me she would come back. \nI have always been a rational and logical person. So I really don`t know if I`m going crazy. All along I felt like I had some ability to read people`s mind and to calm them, sometimes even see colours in them. But all along I thought it was just because of my keen observation. The meditation kinda scared me and brought back a lot of weird memories and dreams. There were times in my life where I saw black shadows floating around, and some tried to come to me. But I was always protected by some white light. The meditation started off really innocent. Now I`m really confused and scared. There`s this voice telling me that my fear and all is an obstacle and a test, and I`m actually progressing. The thing is, I don`t know where I`m progressing to. The voice told me I have a choice to choose which path I`m going to take, and eventually everything will be fine. Tbh, I`m not as scared as I`m worried for my insanity.
G - January 31, 2015
Sirs\nIn meditation I see a light blue circle & human shadows are coming from it . Some shadows having white aura . Kindly share the views . To go further in meditation shall I ignore these things .
harshit dixit - August 10, 2014
When I meditate I see faces of people I don`t know. They are not frightning, in fact this morning they were all rather pleasent. One fellow was laughtin, others smiling at me. This happens all the time. Can anyone enlighten me on what this is .
Vito - September 16, 2013
I was shocked. I started seeing these faces one month ago. They quickly flip by. I also saw a demonic (reptilian) figure with glowing slmond eyes. Something is going on in the world folks....
habitater - January 1, 2013
There are more to these faces than Deepak lets on. I`ve seen them and they`ve shown me visions. They haunt me. They are not human and at the same time not animal. I do agree with some of the people here that these are spirit guides. I say explore this and see if you can connect!
karis - November 13, 2012
Me to! in fact it was just last night..but there were a lot of these faces..they started falling towards my heart,the faces were actually frightening to me, but the next morning i had a rash over my heart were they were diving towards...It was one of my best nights i have had meditating though..despite the first part. O yea and Jewish meditation by Aryeh Kaplan is a very insightful book check it out regardless of your believes or lack there of
cole - April 8, 2012
Hi deepak just want to thank you because u have changed my life and have help me to start a beautiful journey. I also had a experience while meditating, I had been meditating for about 4 or 5 months and one night I felt I was in a quiet deep meditation and saw what I can only describe as a face but not like how you see a face in a picture or when your looking at some one. It was like a blue glowing shining light and it was only the inner face, eyes noes and mouth the checks and eveverything around it was completely black. For a couple of seconds I felt a unbelievable peace it`s hard to describe but I had no worries or thoughts no fears it was beautiful I had never felt so good, but then all my thoughts came rushing back and I starting questioning wether or not I was actually seeing this energy and normal when I loose my focuse I fall outer my deep state and sort of become aware of my body again and surroundings, so I expected the face to dissapear but it didnt, so then I let all them typical thoughts come into my head that this can`t be reall and let in fear so quickly opened my eyes, after that experience an struggled to meditate for a while I have started meditating again now and would welcome the experience now . If you could give any knowledge on this experience it would be extremely helpful and thankyou for your time.
Shanti - March 21, 2012