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On September 27th of last year my wife of 39.5 yrs. made her transition. She was just short of turning 64 y/o. It was her 3rd hospitalization for a heart attack, and watching the nurse slowly increase the morphine & decrease the medication that was sustaining her was extremely sad and heart breaking. My question is about grieving. Do you have a recommended practice for grieving? I know that each person grieves in their own way & time. It was requested of me to take a year to do this. Any thoughts that you can share would be of help. Thank You, Namaste'


I’m sorry for the loss of your life’s love. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is no timetable or way of grieving that applies to everyone. Your inner intelligence and guidance knows how best to heal that pain of physical separation. Be gentle and nonjudgmental with yourself and the wisdom of your soul will naturally direct your grieving process in the appropriate expression for you. One thing I will say is that it is grief is very hard on the body as well as the heart, and people often neglect their physical health during that time, and that can impede the healing process. It is important that you continue to take care of your physical health with proper food, rest and exercise now in order to support your emotional healing.

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First, you need to know the horrible hurt does get better. Not saying it goes away. It just becomes your new normal. Writing thoughts down in journal helps. And when you need to not cry, just look up and the tears will stop for a moment so you can then can deal with something. My only son passed at 21 yrs. old. So I know.
Gayle Ford - October 12, 2015
In the last 4 years, I lost my husband, my only child and my Mom.I have been trying to move on but recently I was viewing some pictures and I started to feel physically ill. I am homesick and I don`t know what yo do.
lisa - May 28, 2014
dear deepak i need some more information on grieving which book of yours do i read ?or maybe some article or website ? i have just lost my 29 year old daughter 2 months ago . thank you so much
rupasidhu - September 11, 2012
Namastê, Deepak Chopra Friends ♥
God`s Garden of Eden - January 26, 2012
Marieé Thereze - January 25, 2012
10 months ago my dad committed suicide and I think about every single day. Some days are harder than others but I manage. What helped me when my father decided to transition early was reading Deepak Chopra`s book \"Life After Death: Burden of Proof.\" This book saved my life and really helped me have a better a understanding of life and death. This book may help you as well. Also, I read the Chopra Center`s daily inspirations which really help me as well. Especially to help keep my mind positive because I know first hand that experiencing a great lost can take you to dark places in your mind.
Jasmine - January 24, 2012
I lost my husband in a tragic car accident less than a year ago. By taking care of myself to heal my mind, body and spirit, I`ve become more whole than ever before. At times I feel his energy. The same energy I felt with my eyes closed and his physical self next to me. I love him so much and feel the joy he taught me in life and after his passing.
Deidre - January 24, 2012
Today would be my dad`s 55th birthday. He passed September 25 of last year. You always know just what to say, Deepak.
Ben - January 24, 2012