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Infinite Possibilities
Do trust in the future, which is full of infinite possibilities. Don't fall prey to short-term setbacks.

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The future is now! Future is only in your mind. Future is futile. The now is infinite.
Chico - January 21, 2015
Yes, I suppose it`s our responsibility to have faith in the future. Thanks for your clear insight and your these difficult times for many.
Heulwen Renshaw - January 11, 2012
Place of work for 11 years, ( work I love ) burned down. 10 months to wait for the rebuild, rebirth. Time to have gratitude for all else.
Karen Whynott - January 11, 2012
Two bouts of cancer, a tumour, loads of surgery (still ongoing), chemo, divorce and it has all made me into a much better human being. I have no time for superficiality now. Namaste Deepak xx
Ruth Snow Fyffe - January 11, 2012
I`m still recovering can`t tell you. I agree with you the future ahead is brighter and and without limitation. could luck also play a role Dr Chopra? :-)
Gutierrez Hickson Lemilia - January 11, 2012
I not only survived an incredibly difficult period with my business but now find myself blossoming into a completely unexpected career change as a result. Difficult times which are drawing me towards something infinitely better.
Peta Morton - January 10, 2012
Set back is like bad weather..It changes..
Padmini Maddali - January 10, 2012
I discovered the feeling of True Love.
Sonu Singh - January 10, 2012