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Five Senses and Five Elements
 Hello Dr. Chopra Is there any correlation between, the ego holding five senses and the Five elements that we perceive space, air, fire, water and earth, or in other words, dose five elements that we perceive say anything about our mode of perception. I would really appreciate if you expound on this.

In the Sankhya system of Indian philosophy where the various qualities of the emergence of creation from consciousness are enumerated, there is a direct correlation. More specifically, there are five subtle aspects of the elements called tanmatras—color, sound, smell, taste and touch. These tanmatras co-arise from primordial nature (Prakriti) along with the five senses. The five tanmatras then in a grosser manifestation become the five elements-fire, space, earth, water and air.

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We love everything you give us Deepak you rock!!!
Malaica Valiente - January 10, 2012
Consciousness, is sex.
Gary. - January 10, 2012