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Movements in Meditation
I am 30 years old woman, quite stable and happy with my life. I have started doing meditation for a quite a while but I am not consistent with it although I try to do it daily. However, I have just one question that whenever I start to meditate and after a while when I feel that I am just focused in my mind and there is no distraction...i.e. when I feel that my mind is at rest.. at that moment, my body starts moving back and forth.
The more I feel my concentration increases (at a single point of focus that i create in my imagination to be focused at e.g. light spot or point) the more I feel my body is moving. Sometimes during meditation if I think that my body shouldn’t move and just stop.. it immediately stops although I don’t exert any physical pressure to do so. I am bit confused and also concerned about this situation that whether I am doing meditation the right way or not? is this body movement normal?
Thanks for help.


This is a perfectly normal experience in meditation. As the body experiences that deep rest while the mind is in that state of stillness, it will naturally release tension and fatigue in the muscles and tissues, and that sometimes will cause the body to move, sway, twitch, etc… Don’t worry about it or try to force it to stop. Don’t encourage it either, just know that when it is complete, it will stop of its own accord. Continue meditating as instructed without giving any thought to what the body is doing or not doing.

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Kathleen Suneja - October 14, 2015
same experiance i also had is natural nothing to worry contineu your meditation as usual.
hds yadav - June 23, 2015
Do a good amount of hata yoga before sitting in meditation. Especially yoga for your chakras.\nWhen energy move from the base upwards it might encounter karmic blockages which creates the movements. Remember that your body has memory ( like swimming & cycling is remembered at the body level) and hence has karma (residue) associated.\nYoga asanas will remove the blockages
Rishi - February 14, 2014
I have had the same experience as Cynthia here. My head would move with the music like the \"infinite\" sign. It feels SO good, but sometimes makes me become aware of myself because I am worried that someone might walk in and find me in a very strange way. I felt this mainly with \"The secret of love\" meditations and \"Affirmations of healing\". But I have to say. It feels so good and SO right when it happens.
Ellie - October 23, 2013
I L.O.V.E you more\n\nMariska Hargitay
Nanci Jackson - August 4, 2013
I`ve experienced the same thing too. My body began swaying to some sort of music…. It feels like I’m exercising and it made me breathless and I kept on gasping for air…. It made me feel good because I can feel my veins stretching and after a while I feel numb all over especially in my throat…. I somewhat felt afraid too because I’m worrying that if I continue I’ll lose control and I’ll plunge into the unknown…. And what if I lose consciousness??? I’ve locked the room and if anything happens to me it would be a long while before anybody could see me….. And so I stopped but I again attempted because it really felt good and I’ve done it again… my body swaying back and forth….. Hopefully I’ll experience it again next time I meditate…
Joey Gezelle Jude Segundera - January 4, 2012
Same things happened to me during pray.That made me more worried & frighten.So,I suddenly stop and thinking it is abnormality or some invisible power is trying to controlling over my body movement.It was just panic feeling with frustration but it was really confusing me whether it is real spiritual experence or my mental problem as brain malfunction.Even I have been seen many shamen shaking their body but never known any logic reason there.Then I asked my doctor about it if there was any connection or reason with my mental health problem as diagonosised for such movement.Then I got answer there is no connection with meditation or pray that encourage our body to move or shaken automatically.And at last I tried to search on net whether it is normal for spiritual people who do believe on spirituality.Then I found it is normal and I feel relaxed after that.Thanks God I am not doing it anymore and have no time to do so too.Just cheering up myself after met my own Guruji.But when I felt some power inside me that is interms of spirituality more than religious believe.It makes me feel & see my world inside & outside clearly with different prospect all above the universe that I have never seen before as it was always behind the huge curtain of reality before in my life.And I do agree with Mr. Deepak ji response.And when I have sometimes similar senses of animals about the presence of good & bad souls around I feel very abnormal that just make me curious why that is happening to me only and again ask to my doctor but no clue I got from them.Then I ask some highly spiritual people.They said only few of them have such experience who never ever suffer mentally and it should keep secret for their everyones good.And why such automatic senses activated inside my body I am still in huge surprise and focusing my knowledge on intelectual things more instead than spiritual knowledge yet when found no hope to define it interms of medical world.Even I tried every possible way to define it to understand it in the language of physical world.But nothing I found to clarify it according to their knowledge that only can be found in ancient history of spiritual world.So, I left it aside and focusing on my daily life and applying the knowledge in practical life I got from such automatic senses inside & outside my life.Then I found it tough sometimes when situation is unflexible and some of my habits are not good enough to pump up those things.I feel like I am an avatar living both world that is visible to others around me & invisible to others that only I can enter.That is not dream but real for me.And most of the knowledge I got from such senses without any spiritual practises but automatically very alike with many conclusions Mr Deepak Chopara known from his own spiritual expereinces & the words from popular writer Mr. Paulo says on his status.And I found every words they say are from my own trueself as I learnt from that invisible world that I have to practise in my life when it is essential to perform practically as well.Just living with innerself is really beautiful all the time & all the way.Just God bless us and each one of us to live life in miracle of the world around inside & outside.Once again God bless us!
Rubi Pun - January 4, 2012
Sounds like that Shamanic dance we do as we venture into mystical realms.
Patricia Lee - January 4, 2012