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The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities
Deepak hosts Russell Targ, physicist and author who has co authored 8 books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities, including Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing, Transformation of Consciousness and his autobiography, Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a Blind Biker.

His upcoming book to be released in 2012, The Reality of ESP: A Physicists’s Proof of Psychic Abiliities.

To be released by

Using declassified data, Targ shows that during the course of the program at SRI, psychic readers were able to find downed Russian bomber in Aficia, describe the health of American hostages in Iran and locate a kidnapped American General in Italy. Viewers also described Soviet weapons factories in Siberia, A Chinese atomic bomb test three days before it occurred and countless other amazing tasks – all using psychic ability dubbed “remote viewing.”

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I have information about a telekinetic guy that I know. He touches things
with his mind. With some guidance, he might be able to move them. He used
to work at a Family Dollar store: 478-756-8451. Just ask someone who has
been working there a while about a guy that worked there, that is
telekinetic. He has very long hair. He makes "electrical sounds", sometimes
and "crackling sounds". Ask if he still works there. They will know who you
mean. As far as I know, there is not another like him.

Mention the Million Dollar challenge(Lol), "if they know anything".

If you do find him, don't sneak up on him. Let him know that you are there, and why, ok? He is a nice guy. He is , also, very poor.

Enjoy your day!
Anonymous Person - May 30, 2015
I spend my life creating the illusion of the psychic. I am a mentalist. In all my years of exploring the possibilities of the psychic, I have never found anything I could not duplicate using natural means. Sri is the place where uri Geller, a professed magician now, fooled them into believing pk was possible.
Scott Xavier - July 22, 2013
I recently interviewed Russell and he said there was an enormous failing by the authorities not to use remote viewing to apprehend terrorists, especially after the 911 bombings, it is very important to remember the powers that be are the ones who hold the decision making for investigations.\n\
rachel hindle - June 21, 2013
There is many reasons why they couldnt find osama bin laden, some already mentioned. Perhaps he doesnt really exist or perhaps they didnt want to find him too fast. Afghanistan has a lot of history and the u.s. currently has very important artifacts that they were loaned many years ago from Afghanistan. Their government is getting worried bc the u.s. doesnt want to return them yet. they wonder, will they?? this may seem unimportant to most but it is very important to the historians, to the people that are wise enough to see history will tell us our future. there has been many court hearings over it as well. and then of course there is the copper that is found in Afghanistan. and a lot of it. is this coincidence? perhaps. but i dont believe it to be. \nas far as psychic ability to find him.. i think if anyone really understands psychic ability first hand, this would not even be a question. i always sense things, i knew when my sister was pregnant and knew when she was going into labor. i feel deja vu instensly right before a life altering event or state of mind occurs. sometimes i dont feel anything about a certain place or person until i am near them or in that place. perhaps the same is with the osama situation. does any real psychic want to go to afghanistan?? someone with that kind of sensitivity might be \"afraid\" or nervous to go. i would be. i think it psychic ability is commonly misunderstood, \"why arent psychic rich?\" (lottery).. i dont think the psychic mind is focused on money. or perhaps it wouldne be psychic at all. i believe the psychic mind is to help ourselves and others to be on the right path for our souls, money is just never the right path, or i should say the reason of the path. and if osama`s path was to live \"free\" longer than why should anyones psychic ability interfere with that? yes if he was really responsible for 9-11, we would like to see him pay the consequences. but that is our human response. not our psychic response.
wakeuppeace13 - February 27, 2013
I don`t understand why we still debate Psychic Ability?...It`s 2013 for goodness sake. C`mon Man,
Lauren - December 19, 2012
To those wondering why they couldn`t find Bin Laden, ESP can work both ways. There were probably individuals, or Bin Laden himself, using similar techniques to keep him hidden. There is such a thing as psychic self defense.
dqo - December 24, 2011
@ MN, \nif you see the whole situation from outside, you`ll see that bin laden was an invented person, not a real person. you only know what you see in the tv and newspaper. all that is controlled by governments. they destroied their own towers, and blamed someone outside of their country, so that it looked like something really terrible. And how convenient was to go to war because of that ;)
gonsa - December 24, 2011
MN: how do you know they didn`t?
Sn - December 24, 2011