Wendy Baron.
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Wendy is co-founder and Chief Officer of Social and Emotional Learning at New Teacher Center headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. She began her career as a classroom teacher, taught aspiring teachers at the university level, and has been passionate about coaching teachers and school leaders for over 25 years. Wendy has developed numerous workshops and videos, and written books and articles on coaching, conscious communication, and healthy relationships. Wendy is a certified yoga, meditation, and mindfulness Instructor, and has been associated with the Chopra Center for many years, contributing to programs and online learning.

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What impacts your child’s behavior, learning, relationships, and the ability to focus?  Emotions! 


When we’re stressed, anxious, or triggered, our brain and nerv...

January 7, 2017
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Abundance is an enlightening guide to success, fulfillment, wholeness, and plenty, offering practical advice on how to cultivate a sense of abundance in times of fear and insecurity, from New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra.
March 1, 2022
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