January 1, 2014

Worthy of Blessings.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do I convince myself that I am worthy? Is it okay to believe that I am entitled to blessings? If so, then how is that not living in the ego?


You deserve unlimited blessings because of your essential divinity. The ego feels worthy based on judgments of its good actions. Real self-worth comes from recognition of the inherent goodness of your own Being, which is not based on what your actions, or thoughts. Your true self entitles you to blessings, ironically, it is actually the underlying insecurity of the ego that stands in the way. Work on accepting yourself in its simplicity and purity without judgment and you will know your true worthiness.


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  1. Hope037

    At some point, we all will come to understand how everything we now label as "good" "bad" "right" "wrong" balance out. There is great purpose to it all. When you reflect with this expanded awareness, you will release your self-condemnation because you will understand how everything played an important role in bringing about vital experiences for everyone, for the ALL. Yes, for this reason, there is no need to torment yourself or to withhold self-love. Indeed, you are very much worthy and divinely designed. Just the way you are.

  2. dan

    that you see that you have not been great in the past,is all that matters forgive yourself. if you live today having listened to these mistakes and forgive yourself and know you will not do them again there is nothing holding you back. you are perfect if you did not know any better how could you have done anything different,we beat ourselves up for things we did not see we was doing, or we thought we were right in doing them, live life for todat not the past, I love you and i bless you

  3. subheer

    If u BELIEVE and FEEL your inner divinity, then you need no be worried whether you are worthy or not of any kind of blessings. You will BE a blessing

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