May 10, 2013

Will and Resistance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

As long as you engage in an inner war between what you crave and what you know is good for you, defeat is all but inevitable. In its natural state, will is the opposite of resistance. You go with the flow, and the will of nature, which has billions of years of evolution behind it, carries you.

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  1. Mema Devi

    (Y) Wish to read...

  2. Jose Angel Rivera


  3. Elaine Morrison

    I'm with Christine on this one. For example, I have naturally bad taste in men. Left to my instincts, I tend to the excitement (but you might well say now that 'adrenaline junky' is not a natural state, but again that depends on whether it's growth adrenaline or drama adrenaline; often they come together, good and bad). However, I found the drama side of this excitement a downward spiral and have been fighting what I realize is a series of bad ideas. Other self-exploration ideas which may not have panned out are in the 'you must do this or your soul will die' category and are completely different, and in this respect I agree with you. But I was supposed to allow my desire for a much younger (yet still legal) mate who didn't meet my mental standards of conduct and in the end took nasty revenge on my rejection using unethical approaches?! Yes, I manifested the ugly end by my own distrust because I set his revenge in motion by hurting him, but it was his choice to act as he did and as I suspected he was capable (hence the unwillingness to give into my desire). Letting things run their natural course would have ended the difficulty of this situation with which I'm still dealing probably a heck of a lot faster than regret. But I also believed being with an older stubborn person who has lived things he has yet to consider was not the fait accompli he should have for himself. He needs to find things out for himself and not just wind up with someone who already has designed their own course, to which he must adjust. I was trying to do the right thing all around, and ate it bigtime. I said 'no' to life. But I think it was a good heartbreaking decision. I can say 'yes' to more productive aspects of life (artistry, fulfilling nonpaying talents, risking riding in traffic), as I have been.

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