December 11, 2023
Ask Deepak

What sabotages intention?.


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“Deepak, you once wrote in an article, “In every area of life, intentions become murky when you feel skeptical that any result will come … ” 

Elsewhere, in response to a question, you wrote that the intentions would not manifest if the time is not ripe. 

I have been working on a very challenging project about which I am very passionate and the only reason it may not come to fruition is if the time is not ripe for it yet. 

So, is that not skepticism?”


Skepticism is a different consideration. 

If your project were to raise a crop of apples from your orchard, and you were diligent and intelligent in your care of the apple trees, you would recognize that in early spring, the apples would not yet be ripe. 

This lack of success of the crop in springtime is not due to skepticism or doubt, it is a recognition that the apples need more time to fully mature. 

The knowledge of the growth stages of the apple tree supports the success of the project. 

Skepticism that the apples will ever ripen undermines your effectiveness in making the project a success.

It is also true that often we cannot know all of the factors that determine success for the outcome of a project, and that means we need to expand our awareness to open up to what needs to manifest now in the service of our larger intention of spiritual growth. 



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