June 25, 2017

Virtual Reality Game.


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Dear Deepak, You said that the local self is a virtual avatar playing a cosmic game of relationship in a virtual reality universe. Could you elaborate more on this? Is experience, as we know it, then only in the virtual reality universe, or is there experience in the formless reality? I think it’s hard for people to not become upset or discouraged when they hear that everything they’ve ever known isn’t real but is a virtual game experience. Could you help with this?


The virtual avatar player in a virtual reality game is an analogy to explain how unmanifest, unlimited consciousness can see itself as a separate consciousness within itself and how that apparently separate self can construct a world of diversity in time and space. You could say experience in the conventional sense is in the virtual world, but in a fuller understanding, the virtual world is nothing other than experience. And experience of the formless reality is another way of describing self-awareness or awakened presence of Being.  No one need feel upset or discouraged by this. Because you can only truly realize the insubstantial nature of your separate false self and objective reality when you experience and recognize your true self. That experience of reality fills you with a sense of security, peace, joy and love.



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