September 29, 2023
Ask Deepak

Does our experience depend on our dogma?.


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“You said Vedanta is not a religion but a conversation between teachers and students, and another time said it was the knowledge of the truth. 

My question is, how do WE know that what they are saying is true? 

If we are to confirm what they say as true with what we experience, how can we know that our experience is true if our experience depends on what we believe? 

For a Christian, Christianity is true and they see life that way, and it’s the same for every religion or thought process, even atheism. 

How do we know whether anyone knows what they are talking about or what they are saying is true?”


The largest body of Vedanta literature is the Upanishads which are the conversations I referred to.

They are records of the experiences of higher states of consciousness of those enlightened seers.

These teachings are the truth they experienced and lived.

It isn’t our truth unless or until we experience a similar state of awakened awareness.

These experiences aren’t meant to be a dogma or creed to adopt based on faith or outside authority.

They are there as signposts to travelers on the path to validate where they are and what is happening.

For those who haven’t had those experiences yet, their accounts won’t have much meaning or relevance.



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