April 9, 2020
Ask Deepak

Vedanta and Meditation.


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I am learning Vedanta for the last year. I’ve just read your book The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, and I understand that I am the true self.  What is the next step after that? …I read all your books and went to one of your conferences and  thank you I  took the TM meditation course but all that is experience but experience is nothing ,consciousness is important  but your talk a lot of what to do to expand consciousness, but we are it.  So I wander what should I do…next?


Vedanta tells us that our identity, our self, is the same consciousness that is the foundation of all existence. I am That (Brahman), Thou art That, all this is That.  The experience of pure consciousness in meditation is important because that experience is the only significant knowledge of Brahman. So keep meditating. That is where to start, and it is what you need to do next as well. Reading books on Vedanta such as the Upanishads or the Vivekachudamani, is helpful, but only as a way of validating your meditation experiences.



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