April 4, 2019

Understanding Purpose.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Please help me understand my mission and purpose in life. I am a gay male and struggling to find my place. Is being gay just a misplaced memory? Thanks for wisdom.


Being gay is not a misplaced memory unless you want to say every life before it is completely enlightened is misplaced memory of its true nature. Whether one is gay or straight, our spiritual goal of enlightenment is the same. The circumstances we find ourselves in during this life, however confusing or challenging, are not random circumstances or mistakes. These situations we are embedded in provide the exact raw materials and events we require to develop the experiences and self-realization we need. That means that the very search for purpose and place that you are in the midst of, is your current mission and purpose in life. Don’t feel that your struggles put you at a disadvantage in knowing your higher Self compared to others. It doesn’t work like that. Everyone has a tailor-made life designed exclusively for their evolutionary requirements.

Focus on identifying your core awareness and living from that consciousness. By doing that, your purpose in life takes care of itself. If you don’t already have a daily spiritual practice, I would encourage you to begin one. It will be the anchor of your quest for self-knowledge.



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