November 1, 2022
Ask Deepak

Unconscious Relationships.


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Hi Deepak, I email you because I feel you are the only reliable source of inspiration I have at the moment, because I feel you can give me the proper guidance. I have been in a on and off relationship for almost a year and half now. She will break up with me and then two months later we will get back together again. Yes I am hurt, but I almost feel numb now… Everyone tells me I am being used but I don’t know why I am not able to see this and move on. Please help.


Your relationship difficulties may feel unique, but the on-and-off pattern is not that unusual. It can often occur in relationships that powerful unconscious forces in our psyche hold us in difficult relationships, until the underlying unresolved issue wears itself out or is resolved. Needless to say this can be painful and confusing for everyone involved.  

Your greatest ally in such a situation is conscious, loving awareness. Awareness that doesn’t judge, condemn or retaliate. That awareness should be applied to you as much as to your partner. That uninvolved quiet awareness will silently work on healing the patterns of pain inside that are being projected into the erratic relationship behavior. In time the old hurts and misunderstandings inside can be accepted, forgiven, loved and eventually healed. When that traumatic conditioning is healed, then the relationship will be healed, and you will find an inner stability that will not be disturbed by any ups and downs in your relationship.



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