November 2, 2017

Trust and Giving Up.


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What is the difference between trust and ‘giving up’?  Does the experience of being guided by one’s higher self depend on the healthiness of one’s body and mind? i.e. Can a person be too exhausted to be aware of whatever guidance the spirit is trying to provide?


 I would say that trust implies that you are maintaining a connection of consciousness to the eventual outcome. Giving up is an abdication of that connection along with any action, responsibility or benefit that might ensue.

Ideally, trust includes within it the deep recognition that your own dharmic action will certainly lead to a result that is in your soul’s highest interest. In that sense trust is a knowingness that outcomes are beyond the control of the ego and that whatever happens is guided by a more intelligent organizing force of the universe, namely the higher Self.

The guidance of the higher Self is always a constant presence, but our recognition of it is variable until enlightenment becomes permanent. Until then, factors that reduce the ability of our awareness to remain self-referral can limit our connection to guidance. That can include factors you mentioned such as mental and physical illness as well as fatigue.




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