December 6, 2021
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Transcending Transgenerational Trauma.


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Hello Deepak. My question is concerning emotional and spiritual trauma. I have always felt the invisible weight of a deep-seated pain since childhood. I have never fully understood where this pain emanates from until recently. I travelled to my ancestral home and could feel the weight of a spirit sitting heavily over the place. I felt the residue of a very ugly trauma. At the root of this trauma, I sensed the same vibrational frequency which has been the root of my pain. It is also the same frequency that is at the root of the pain of nuclear family members. I received a powerful insight that this trauma is centuries old. My ancestral home is at the heart of where the majority of slaves from the transatlantic trade were snatched and sold. I would like to know how I am supposed to transcend transgenerational trauma. How do I transform or eliminate pain that existed long before me and has been passed down through my ancestors to me?


The connection you feel to this mountain of centuries-old trauma may be real, but that doesn’t mean you have to heal all of it to transcend it and be free of its heavy impact on you. Healing the collective trauma of slavery is beyond the capacity of any one person. What you can work on is taking care of that part of it that is most strongly affecting your life. That doesn’t necessarily make it an easy healing task, but it means that it is doable. Start by identifying the areas that this dark history has shaped your beliefs about yourself and the people around you. Then examine how these painful beliefs have limited your interpersonal relationships, your emotional well-being, your thought patterns, your career choices, and finally your physical health. As the personal issues connected with this ancestral trauma occur to you, write them down and then find the appropriate remedies for each. Maybe for health issues you will use diet, massage, acupuncture or exercise. For emotional issues you might find it useful opening up to your partner or family members about what you feel you need to heal with them and ask for their support and understanding as you find new ways to become more intimate and honest. Counseling can also be helpful in exploring new avenues of expression in your relationships. And meditation and prayer can be valuable to heal those aspects of ourselves that are outside of our mind, emotions and body that carry pain that we can’t even name. Use your intuition to guide this healing process. There is no set right way or wrong way to do this. You may find that taking belly dancing lessons for 6 months is exactly what you need to express and shift something, or taking a workshop in writing short stories, or going on a shamanic journey in the Amazon. Once you let your higher self know that you are committed to healing your trauma, it will guide you. You only need to listen and follow.



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