October 5, 2022
Ask Deepak

Too Much Meditating.


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Dear Deepak, I listen to your 21-day mediations and since I’m between jobs I have a lot of spare time to mediate and I do it for approximately two to three hours a day. I have been doing that for three weeks now. In the beginning I felt really good but in the latest days I have started to feel low, sometimes almost depressed. Is this just some sort of tension release or do I meditate too much? I really feel I’m “getting into the gap” and it feels like it’s really working for me overall, but now I wonder if I’m overdoing it.


Yes, you are definitely overdoing it. The quiet depths of meditation must be balanced with enough activity each day so that the experience of meditation is properly integrated into your life in a functional way. Too much inner rest without outer activity can be destabilizing and uncomfortable. Rest and activity have to work together in harmony for healthy spiritual growth.



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