April 23, 2018

Time and the Dissolution of the Ego.


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Upon speaking with a friend about what I consider our true state of being, I stated that our true Being was perfect, as it emanates, reflects, and is in essence directly connected to God. I have begun to recognize that the ego, in states of dysfunction especially, is not the true Self. My friend asked, and I had no answer, that if this Being or Self is perfect, why doesn’t it shine through/overpower/ or transcend the ego immediately? Why must we bear this outer material shell with the mind’s accompanying trivialities and dysfunctions? Why doesn’t Being immediately or quickly dissolve ego? I feel the purpose of existence in this plane is to learn and grow, but that in itself doesn’t answer this question. I would love to hear your response. I have read several of your books, and we both got to hear you speak. We would both truly appreciate your insight.


Our true Self may be perfect with respect to its essential nature, but until it is fully cognizant of its oneness with the wholeness of the cosmos, it is still lacking in self-knowledge. This lack of awareness is represented by the ego’s mistaken notion that it is our real self, our identity. The arc to complete realization is what constitutes the dissolution of the ego. It does not instantaneous dissolve just because we want it to, because the nature of that mistaken identity is based upon on a lack of awareness, not something we did. Being does remove the ignorance of the ego in the sense that it is the conscious quality of Being that leads us to that illumination or awakening. The question of time in this experience of enlightenment is somewhat complex or mysterious because, from the perspective of the aspirant waiting to escape the bonds of the ego, the process is slow tedious work. From the view of the enlightened, the realization happens outside the confines of time or even of a process. When you return home to your true, infinite status, you know that in fact that truth was always there. You never left in the first place, the whole journey was a kind of a charade.  So while it makes sense to talk about the time it takes on the path to enlightenment for the evolving soul, the reality of time will change to something quite different with the transformation into higher states of consciousness.



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