May 16, 2013

The Conscious Lifestyle: Can a Leader Make His Own Luck? (Part 2).


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

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Synchronicity is a term that embraces unexplained coincidences, as when you think of an old friend's name and he calls a minute later. True synchronicity isn't just inexplicable; it's meaningful.

Events come together in such a way that you have direct proof of the saying that everything happens for a reason. In the first post I connected synchronicity with two features of a successful leader: the ability to "make your own luck" and to match problems with solutions.

We tend to think that problems and solutions are not naturally connected. That's why we wrestle with the problem, try to collect data, test out possible answers, and reduce the problem to its significant parts, breaking it down to make it simpler. That's a rational approach, and it gives you the sense that a problem can be controlled. I am not decrying rational solutions.

But at a deeper level, the answers that change people's lives – and sometimes the course of history – depend on another process: Detaching from the level of the problem in order to find the level of the solution. This factor exists in synchronicity, but also in creativity. A simple example would be a mother confronting a whining, demanding two-year-old. At the level of the problem, she would coax or scold the child, try to reason with it, say that he has to do what Mommy says, and so on. All of these tactics stay at the level of the problem. If she goes to the level of the solution, however, the mother realizes that her two-year-old is tired and needs a nap. The nap solves all the other behaviors because it goes directly to the heart of the solution.

Psychologically, you can get almost miraculous results if you look at someone who is arguing, opposing, or putting up obstacles, and instead of arguing back, ask questions at a different level. In every human encounter, emotional needs exist, and yet being sensible and rational skirts these needs, which is one reason why sensible and rational solutions so often fail to work (as in the current budget battles in Washington, where every bystander says that a rational agreement could be reached in half an hour, only it won't be, because emotional issues separate the two warring parties).

The emotional needs that undermine cooperation and agreement are well known:

– Someone wants to win the argument. He can't come away feeling like a loser.

– Someone wants respect, usually for his years of experience. He can't come away feeling ignored and shunted aside.

– Someone wants to get the credit. He can't come away feeling unimportant or with a deflated ego.

– Someone wants to be appreciated. He can't come away feeling unwanted.

A successful leader is aware of these needs and tries to fulfill them, because he knows that nothing meaningful will get done unless they are. (In the realm of politics, the story is told of how President Lyndon Johnson went to baseball games with a powerful Southern senator, even though he didn't like baseball. But the senator was lonely, and baseball was his passion, so if Johnson wanted legislation to pass, he had to fulfill one man's emotional needs – which were never expressed outright, naturally.)

This is only one example to illustrate that making your own luck isn't magical. There is a seemingly magical side to synchronicity, when solutions arrive out of the blue or two events come together by happenstance that turn out to be the two events that needed to come together. We can go into the magical side later, since it too can be explained by expanding our definition of consciousness.

The point I want to leave you with is that self-awareness turns luck, fortune, destiny, and synchronicity into something you can consciously participate in. In all these cases, an intention comes to fruition. Obstacles vanish – or greatly decrease – because a vision is guiding the whole process, from the first image of what you want in your mind's eye to the final, successful result. Using the two most powerful agencies of the mind – intention and attention – is the secret behind making your own luck and having your dreams come true. There is a path from vision to achievement. It exists in consciousness before it exists in the outer world.

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  1. Me, MySELF & Eye

    We are the creators of our own synchronicity, the more we become self-aware, the more OR aligned with our true selves/true life purpose the more synchronicity shows up for us. I`ve always seen it as the Universe`s way of pointing out to you & saying "YES, come this way!" Which is really our highest/selves talking to ourselves in the here & now. Peace

  2. Monk

    Is there coincidence inside the body?....then what of the stars?

  3. bushra iqbal

    I enjoy his books

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