January 24, 2014

The Benefits of Raw Garlic.


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Raw garlic has potent antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It can help strengthen the immune system, prevent the common cold, and treat fungal and yeast infections.

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  1. Allen Goodman

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  2. Cat Cou Donc

    i ate fish morning and dinner time for the past 10 days, i am normally not a big fish eater, but for some reason, my body requested fish in big quantities, and i was wondering why... i'm thinking a need for omega 3 ??

  3. Paul Wigham

    They deny this on the nhs website here in the Uk. The nhs claim that there's no scientific evidence to prove that superfoods can lower blood pressure etc and that there is no science ehind the gerson therapy. Aresholes!

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