May 4, 2015

Teaching Spirituality to Children.


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Hi Deepak,

I have been a follower of your work on spirituality and regularly meditate, read your books/blogs. I have begun my spiritual journey this way. I very often feel, how I wish someone told me these when I was a child, my life would have been very different from what it is today as I carry a lot of  baggage from my childhood and it will take a long way to clear it. I now have children of 11 and 6 years of age and I want to introduce them to spiritual path in the manner that they understand it and do not consider it as a lecture or a burden. How do I do this? What is the best way to get them started early in this journey? I am sure currently this is not taught in normal schools in India though this is most valuable thing we need to learn from our ancient Indian heritage.

Your guidance is appreciated. Namaste.


Teaching spirituality to children is really about showing them that their natural impulse of life is spiritual. Their desire to understand and create and experience beauty, wonder, gratitude and joy—this is real spirituality. They learn this most effectively by seeing it in their parents’ behavior and participating in  it with them , not by lectures. I wrote a book years ago called “Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents” to help them understand how to explain this kind of spirituality to their children.



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  1. Jeffrey Christopher

    great question .thx

  2. Jeffrey Christopher

    great question .thx

  3. Jeffrey Christopher

    great question .thx

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