December 17, 2020
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Surrender or Keep Pushing.


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Dear Deepak, I have written a very negative letter to my brother. I wrote it in anger. I accused him of ruining my relationship with my mother. I still feel that my accusations are accurate. I have run this through my mind over and over. I feel these things had to be said. I am so tired and angry because my will and desire are often not aligned to what God has planned for me. How to be sure if I need to surrender/let go of a hope/dream and how to know if I need to keep pushing and not give up? I’ve tried yoga and meditation but I can’t find that peace/ holy be said, but I feel remorse and regret. I feel that maybe I could have written with more diplomacy. Sadly, I feel like I made things worse!, what should I do??


The simplest thing to do is pick up the phone and apologize. Tell him you were speaking out of anger and blame. Second you need to understand that no one, including your brother, can ruin your relationship with your mother, only you can do that. Tell him that you are taking responsibility for that now. Then ask for his forgiveness.

Regarding your question on surrendering or to keep pushing; I am not sure you are looking at your alternatives clearly. Spiritual surrender is not passive resignation. It is not giving up on life, it is letting go of the ego’s agenda to get its way and allowing the impulse of action, creativity and inspiration from your soul to come through more strongly. Spiritual surrender actually requires more strength, love, courage, and honesty than what the ego sees as its push for justice, respect and recognition.



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