August 25, 2023
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What is the strange feeling, like electricity, running through me?.


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Dear Deepak, I had an experience last night that I am trying to understand. Around 4:30 in the morning, I seemed to awaken and I had the thought “God loves me”. Then it felt like an electric current ran through my body, starting at the top of my head down to my toes. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t open my eyes. I was frightened; I thought I might be dying. While this was happening, I kept having the thought that ‘God loves me’. When the ‘current’ ended, I remember being thankful that I was still alive and I fell asleep again. I have been doing  one of your meditation programs  and have been trying to lead a more purposeful, present, gracious life. “God loves me” is something I’ve been trying to realize because in the past I have felt very unworthy of almost anything good. What was that ‘current’ feeling? Someone suggested the synapses in my brain were off. Thanks for your response.



One can never say with certainty exactly what such an experience like yours was, but that sensation of a current of energy moving through the body fits the description of what wisdom tradition would call a kind of shakti or kundalini experience. It’s a sort of physical/energetic sensation or activation that can accompany the expansion of consciousness. It frightened you because it was so intense and foreign feeling that the only association your mind could come up with is that you might be dying.  But you weren’t, you were actually becoming more physically, mentally and spiritually alive.



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