September 3, 2021
Ask Deepak

Spousal Salvation.


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My wife is Christian, and I love her, but she doesn’t accept that I believe in other philosophies, every time I show her a different concept about something revealed to me, if it is different from Christian dogma, she rejects it and gets sad and sometimes we fight. I choose not to tell her about my beliefs because I see that it becomes a problem that I cannot handle, because she thinks that I am lost, and her sadness is about not being saved. I don’t like to see her sad….any advice..?


It seems your wife is content with the spiritual teachings she has already and is not looking for anything more right now. That is fine and if you understand and respect that, you can continue your spiritual quest without trying to urge her along in your direction. I understand that as you discover new and inspiring ideas, it is a natural and loving thing to want to share these gifts and experiences with your life partner. But it’s clear that these ideas feel threatening and worrying to her right now. So the loving thing to do is to acknowledge that her own path, even if it’s different from yours, is perfect for her needs. Reassure her that your interest in other spiritual traditions and ideas will not jeopardize your salvation in any way, but in fact, will only strengthen your spiritual destiny and connection to the divine.



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