October 26, 2013

Spirituality and Anxiety.


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Hi Deepak, I try to practice meditation every day, I have reached the point where I see all around me as my extension. One issue is that my thoughts sometimes invade me and create a little anxiety mood, then I observe these thoughts and they go away, but I often have butterflies in my stomach (Fight or Flight Response). In that moment I try to trace the thoughts that produce this, but sometimes I don't succeed to identify them, I have only the sensation. My question is: Can you tell me please why do I have that sensation in my stomach and how can I dissolve it? Thank you and blessings!


It seems that meditaion is creating a great expansion of your awareness, but your mind is not grounded enough in your body to stabilize this expansion and so you are prone to anxious moods. This can easily be remedied by getting more physical activity and exercise. Also make sure you are going to sleep early and getting enough sleep. Find activities that get you outside in Nature. Gardening, pottery, yoga, and massage are all good ways to ground your mental energies more fully into your body.


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  1. Reni

    I just experienced my first panic attack at the age of 46. It scared the heck out of me and was totally out of the blue. Laying in bed and ready to doze off to sleep when my heart started beating really fast. After a few deep heart felt breathes (I meditate so I`m almost a master at breathing techniques)my heart just seemed to beat faster. It was almost like ALL symptoms of the flu hit me all at once and I had to sit up in bed with my head in my hands and deep breathe for about 30 minutes. What I find the strangest is the fact that just prior to going to bed (about 20 minutes prior), I did a new guided meditation for about 20 minutes. I won`t say the name of it or the celebrity spiritualist it came from, but the meditation didn`t seem to have an impact at first. I got up, felt fine and went to bed about 20 minutes later. About 15-20 minutes into relaxation, the panic attack started. I am wondering if perhaps the meditation did something to my subconcious to the point it made me physically ill. Is that possible? Today I am feeling fine.

  2. whoknows

    i got off the thoughts of the girl whom i thought was flirting with me, while at the same time having something with her boss. i got of all the sick thoughts in around 4 days of sudarshan kriya and prayer. Running also helps, exercise also helps. shouting and getting angry also helped me. but the most that helped me was sudarshan kriya and praying to god to get me relieved of these thoughts and anxiety. i was also helped getting rid of anxiety with some low dose of medicine. i don`t remember the drug though.

  3. Titepants

    I had major anxiety problems that just started out of the blue. At first I thought I was going crazy. I went to the doctor and they prescribed medicine. I committed to the 6 weeks of medicine but it tuned me into a zombie. I then decided I had to find out the root cause and not just try and cover it up with medicine. I went and talked with a psychiatrist for 6 months but that didn`t help me at all. My anxiety and panics attacks were getting so bad I could barely leave the house. I started researching online like my life was on the line. I wasn`t going to accept the fact that this was my new reality. Anxiety was stealing so much from me and also those around me. At this point I never wanted to leave my house it was the only place I felt safe. I must have scoured the internet for hundreds if not thousands of hours. I tried everything I came across with no avail. Finally one day almost two years later I read a woman`s answer to a question about panic attacks. She said she took a Benadryl when she felt anxiety arising and that worked for her. I thought no way it could be that simple. I bought some Benadryl and took half of a 24 mg tablet and my anxiety faded away. This made me so happy but I still didn`t believe it could be that easy. I started doing more research about histamine levels and anxiety. I bought a book about how to eat for my blood type and while I lost weight I still had anxiety. The Benadryl controlled it but nothing was changing. This drove me crazy and I was more determined than ever to find the cause. After many more months of trying new diets I finally watched the documentary forks over knives and tried becoming a vegetarian. This worked really well. After a few weeks eating only fruits and veggies my anxiety levels were starting to get lower and lower. I incorporated low histamine foods and eliminated all the foods with the highest histamine levels. After this I saw another documentary called fat sick and nearly dead. I grabbed my 10 year old juicer that I only used a handful of times and started a 60 day juice fast. I ate one healthy meal per day and juiced 4-5 times per day. The first three weeks for me were rough. I got a cold, rashes, cold sores. In general I felt so bad I almost quit. I knew the detox period would be bad but most people only have these symptoms for a few days. I stuck it out and I started feeling euphoric at the end of the 3rd week. I was losing weight like crazy and I started feeling so good that I realized I have never in my life felt this wonderful. 60 days later my anxiety was gone I had gone from 285 lbs down to 235 lbs eventually I got as low as to 215. I started eating regular food again and I really could eat anything again now that my body was clean. Now I can feel my anxiety creeping back in when I eat poorly for a few weeks. It`s really been a game changer for me. I embrace the anxious feelings when they come now because It`s a constant reminder to stay on the path of health. I hope my experience can help someone who feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up and keep fighting for answers. The internet was my tool to a cure for my personal situation. If I was living in a place without internet access or this was 30 years ago I would be on doctor prescribed meds for life most likely. I am so happy my life is back to normal. It`s funny how most people are unhappy with a normal boring mundane life. At the peak of my anxiety I would have traded lives with anyone in the world to be anxiety free. Dan

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