May 14, 2012

Spiritual Readiness for Relationship.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


First, thank you for sharing and giving…My question is: how will I know when I am spiritually ready for a new relationship? My last 2 men have had major issues (drug and mental health). I am fearful of any relationship because I don't know if I am somehow attracting this. My path is a very spiritual one; I have peace and love in my heart and feel grateful for my life. Should I just allow the universe to guide me along with my inner self?


From the soul’s point of view, if you are in a relationship, then by definition, you are ready for it. If you are not in a relationship then your spiritual guidance deems that the time is not yet right. So from a spiritual perspective, readiness is not necessarily an emotional or mental readiness. It comes down to trusting the divine intelligence of your life to bring you what you need at that time, and then adjusting your mind and heart to integrating that life experience into your spiritual growth and enlightenment.


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  1. Namaste

    Hi, I had been in unhealthy relationships and when the last one ended I took some time over 2yrs to figure out what went wrong and why I kept making bad choices. I was afraid that I would continue to do so. I decided to take control of my life. I made a list of the attributes I needed a man to have for me to be able to enter into a relationship with him - e.g. Honesty, Integrity, Respectfullness, Similar thoughts on Important Life Issues like belieifs, family, no drugs, no alcohol abuse, no gambling etc. I made apromise to myself that I would not settle for someone who did not have the qualities required to ensure that I would be treated in the manner I deserved in order to have a happy relationship. I am now happily married to a lovely man who is not only my spouse but my friend, who supports me and encourages me in life. Seek out the keeper and VERY quickly detatch from those who do not have the qualities you need. Dont waste your valuable time on people who are not good for your soul. I wish you well

  2. Sarah

    Wow!! that`s so Beautiful Deepak, Thank you very much

  3. code

    You attract those kind of men, something with your toughts and your believe of love it`s not right, someone that is "ready" if you wanna call it like that does not ask herself is she is ready for a relationship, because she does not need that, she is fine with who she is, so if you are afraid of having a new relationship because of the past, you`re not ready, you should start working on your self, find out why did that happend and what can you change about yourself to create better releationships when the right time comes, when you have peace and love for your self you will stop asking these question cause you are ready to share your love with other

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