November 20, 2020
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Spiritual Detachment.


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Before I had read about the spiritual law of detachment, I experienced it directly two days previously. I stopped looking for happiness. And it found me the very next day. I stated aloud to a friend that nothing and nobody on this earth can make me happy, and all of a sudden, the next morning, I was happy, maybe for the first time in my life. I didn’t know about the law of detachment – I just called it “magical”… but now I see that this was the law of detachment at work. My question is this: I have always heard “Seek and you shall find”… but this seems opposite of the law of detachment. I personally experienced the stopping of seeking something, something I’ve been seeking my entire life, and it came right to me, with no effort on my part. So, I guess I don’t understand the wisdom of or meaning of “Seek and you shall find”. Can you please explain? Thanks!


Built into the very nature of our existence is the drive toward greater knowledge, love, happiness and fulfillment. This is the fundamental force of evolution that impels us toward self-realization or enlightenment. In that sense our seeking is inherent in our life and effortlessly moves us forward in our awakening regardless of the small things we seek. The law of detachment is about letting go of our mental and emotional attachment to our desires and simply Being that quiet, simple awareness. This state of unattachment is a way to get the little self or ego out of the way and let the wisdom and power of the higher self-shine reveal the happiness that is its inherent nature. That is why detachment brought forth that deep happiness that transcended seeking. You realized you are that happiness, so you didn’t need to seek yourself, you just allowed yourself to fully be who you are.



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