October 2, 2020
Ask Deepak

Spiritual Awakening.


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Hello Dr. Chopra. I have recently undergone what I call a “Spiritual Awakening”, and am aware of past lives, God, etc. I now know that I have three more lives left after this one. What will happen to me after I live my last life? Will I reunite with God? Will I come back into the universe, or Omniverse, in another vessel to serve whoever needs my help? Ultimately, what will become of me? Or is that entirely up to me and is there no such thing as an “end” to spiritual evolution?


When we awaken, our small individual self or ‘me’ expands to know its true nature as the unbounded existence of the universe. When that awakening becomes permanent, then no more physical incarnations are needed. The old ‘me’ that was constructed out of an ignorance of your true self is gone and in its place is your essential nature. So there is no story to say what happens to ‘me’.  It goes where every misunderstanding goes once  the truth is known. Enlightenment is a state of pure freedom and bliss. You, as that spark of awakened existence can now enjoy that bliss however you like. Some awakened souls choose to come back to physicality to help guide others to spiritual freedom,  others choose different ways to serve and continue to grow in consciousness.



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