June 10, 2022
Ask Deepak

Sleep or Meditation.


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My job and my five kids leave me exhausted. I get to bed late after getting everyone asleep, and have to wake earlier for my job. I have tried to meditate silently upon waking for thirty minutes to start my day, but most often than not I fall asleep. My question is, is it beneficial to meditate at all when you know you will just fall asleep because you don’t get enough sleep? Or is it pointless and should you instead just sleep seeing as though you will fall asleep anyways?


If you are getting your basic sleep requirements in, then make sure you give yourself that meditation time, even if you regularly fall asleep during meditation. If you start meditation and then fall asleep, that meditation period is still providing a quality of rest that you wouldn’t otherwise get through regular bed rest alone. If you maintain this routine, eventually the underlying stress or conditioning will be cleared and you will be able to remain alert through your meditations. When you meditate in the morning, it is important to shower and wash up before you sit to meditate. That helps you fully shift out of sleep mode and brings you into waking consciousness.



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