March 20, 2023
Ask Deepak

Singular Consciousness.


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You say, ‘consciousness is singular’ and you give the metaphor/analogy of sea/waves – sea being universal consciousness and waves personal/individual consciousness. Nisargadatta uses the vocabulary of Absolute (paramakash), Consciousness (chidakash) whereas many other spiritual teachers including Ramana Maharishi don’t make such distinction. Now, when I get enlightened such that all my actions are spontaneous, then how is the body/mind people call me would occur more mine than any other body/mind? well, as it has become experientially clear to me through meditation that I am not body/mind but personal consciousness. now, this consciousness may reincarnate after body dies or may become angel or whatever, however, how would that individual consciousness would be any more mine to me than other individual consciousness if I don’t have any emotions of memories got left? so, consciousness may reincarnate but that consciousness is not me anymore – my stand is in absolute which gives rise to chidakash.


Part of the difficulty in talking about the absolute is that the language we use is built on relative concepts from the conditioned mind. An enlightened teacher once explained that even though the absolute is unchanging and eternal, it still has qualities of structure and differentiation. We tend to think that the only line between our familiar life and the impersonal expanse of existence is our ego package of memories and personality traits. The record of enlightened beings tell us that there can be a functioning state of enlightened individuality even without what we call a body, mind,  or ego. If an enlightened being has any reason to participate in any level of manifest creation, there is no limitation in doing so, nor is there any sense of ego involved. Their actions can be equally described as coming from their individuality or universality, because once they have realized that the two are the same,  the distinction between the words doesn’t matter to them. In the end, enlightenment is an experience of reality, not a verbal description of reality. 



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