May 28, 2021
Ask Deepak

Self-Esteem at Work.


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I am an RN and I find that I am often bullied at work by other nurses and staff- I am great with patients and don’t have trouble there. How can I overcome my lack of self-confidence and inability to not care what other people think about me? I am afraid often that my inability to be accepted by co-workers and management will get me labeled as a person who cannot get along with others- I am very hurt by the fact that I cannot get the respect from my peers when I know that I am a good nurse. I have lost so much self-esteem that I no longer believe in myself and interview poorly. What can I do to learn to really love myself enough to overcome the hostile environments I face as an RN?


The foundation of genuine self-esteem is the knowledge and experience of your true self. That pure awareness that is your core existence has nothing to do with your job, your history or even your personality. That essential identity is the same divine light that you share with everyone. That means you are not above anyone else and you are not below anyone else. That is your self-value. That is your self-esteem.

When someone bullies you or treats you with disrespect, it means that they do not know their own self, and are behaving from limitation their own past pain. When you feel hurt by their actions, it means a part of you, your own limited self, believes them. The next time that happens, I want you to stop what you are doing and instead of reacting or going into self-recrimination, take 3 slow deep breaths. Then notice without any judgment what you are feeling. Remind yourself silently that your real self is not that feeling. Your true self is neither above nor below anyone else and remains an unlimited presence of strength always. Take another breath and allow yourself to really feel the peace, compassion and stability of that presence. After that, you can carry on with your job. What this will do is begin to establish a new response pattern over time that will allow you to build a solid core of self-esteem.



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