January 16, 2012

Self, Ego and Reality.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

The self is the isolated ego clinging to its small reality; the Self is the unbounded spirit that can afford not to cling at all.

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  1. Jill Evans

    Soni is a gifted writer :)

  2. Cecilia

    I know it makes sense, but I need to read it again and again to understand better its real meaning. I`ll do it.

  3. Soni Shalini

    The ego is just like the tide of the ocean that rises and subsides but is always there. We are born to this physical world without ego self, but with our birth the ego is spooned into us like a tonic. " Hey! what a beautiful child. she is going to be Miss india. This is the first spoon of ego dose the child sips and we feed the child with constant ego tonic to make them big fat egocentric, eventually the ego self over powers the real soulful being, still he is unaware of the transition. But the question is how to keep the seed of ego as a seed and not let it grow into a tree within us to usurp our real being. Our ego at times gets better off over our selves and inhibits us from viewing something with objectivity. Our past and prejudices become so supercilious that our individuality is trampled upon and we start looking at things with coloured glasses. God has given us brain and the power to comprehend and evaluate with complete objectivity. We have the liberty to be free like bird and this freedom enables us to create something novel. So why should we allow our ego being to shackle us from looking beyond the boundries created by our ego. When we look beyond emotions we really look.

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