February 9, 2023
Ask Deepak

Seeing With The Eyes of Love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak Chopra, In recent years, I came to understand that my deepest desire is to see all of Creation through the eyes of love, and that I not part from this life until I have achieved that. It’s a tall order, and though I’m not sure how I feel it is attainable. I believe there are some who have reached this great height of love and compassion. I believe I am keenly aware of when I have missed the mark, as I feel it deeply in my heart. I work hard to understand myself and correct these ways in me which are less than loving, through prayer and contemplation and practice. If I have fallen, I get back up and strive to choose love at the next fork in the road. I believe I can say in truth that I do my best. I hope to become humble and also whole, fully realizing this goal, though I generally feel like a mess most of the time, and am constantly stumbling. Whether it be that I have judged someone in my private thoughts, or feel anger toward someone who has mistreated or manipulated me, or becoming closed or withdrawn, not being the love I could be with someone because of fear, and the inclination to protect myself. These feel like stumbling blocks and old wounds that need healing, before I can fully live in the essence of love. Can you offer any wisdom that may help me on this path and goal? Thank you for all the good gifts you share. Peace and Good be with you always,


What a beautiful spiritual aspiration! It sounds like you are approaching this aim with balance and a healthy perspective. I like that you aren’t using your shortcomings as an excuse for self-recrimination but as an opportunity for a different choice next time. Bless you.



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