April 9, 2012

Seeing God in Bad Things.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am having difficulty "seeing God" in others or other things that I deem to be "bad." How is it we can "see God" in cancer cells, for example? How is it we can "see God" in people who are mostly fear based, or angry, like an unhealthy boss or co-worker? I personally am actually dealing with both issues and would appreciate your thoughts-advice on the matter.


Those who see God in everything are naturally in a higher state of consciousness, God consciousness, and their vision is a product of their enlightened awareness. It is not a mental exercise in trying to be a more loving and compassionate person. I don’t recommend for people to cultivate and attitude or mood of universal acceptance beyond their natural range of feeling and behavior, because it leads to strained and awkward behavior. It’s better to directly cultivate that divine state of consciousness and let your thinking, feeling and behavior naturally flow from that.


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  1. SimpleMan

    Right and Wrong Good/Bad is defined by Perception. What is bad for you might be "good" to another.

  2. Lisa Lynn

    I`m sorry for your loss Tonya. God be with you.

  3. Patrick Suglia

    The way I see cancer -- it is that manifestation that results from one`s belief that a part of them is devoid of the presence of God.

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