February 24, 2022
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Scared during meditation.


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Hi Deepak Thank you. Your words had transformed me a lot from being a pessimist to a great optimist. I had read most of your books and your “Super Brain” made an excellent shift in my mind-body-life level. I started meditating since 2011 with the guided meditations from chopra.com. Slowly, I started to meditate without any audio guidance. I am not consistent with the method of meditation. On a heavy workday I meditate just before going to sleep in my bed with a relaxing awareness. Most of the days I do by sitting on my Yoga mat. However the time is always the same. Yesterday when I was doing a breathing meditation, my breathing became rigorous and a sense of numbness was spreading in my body. When it became more intense, I slowed down my breath. But my body was still vibrating. And the reason why I am explaining all this here is that I was scared. I was struggling to come back. My question: Why I become scared during meditation? Meditation is known to give peace and relaxation. And is a well-known method to supreme consciousness. But why the beginning experience is frightening me? Please help.


Before supreme consciousness dawns, the old accumulated, buried dark fears emerge so that they can be dispelled. That is what your body is releasing with the numbness, and the fear. Treat these feelings and sensations as mere thoughts that pop up in meditation and allow your attention to easily return to your practice. They will fade in time as the underlying fears are cleared away.



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