May 2, 2023
Ask Deepak

Rituals and Spiritual Practices.


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Dear Deepak, I really thank you from my heart for all your words that come to me. I have a doubt. What do you think about practicing a specific ritual to connect with my spirituality, my soul….is it important? Meditation, Mantras , Prayers, ….are they absolutely necessary? Is it important a good practice? Thank you from my heart.


Some people have a deep affinity with spiritual rituals and consequently gain a great deal from them. Other spiritual people may actually dislike rituals and avoid them. It’s a matter of preference, rituals are not necessary for the awakening of consciousness. The same can be said of prayer and specific types of meditation. But it is important to find some spiritual practice that can take you beyond your ego mind and give you an experience of your true self. There are many effective practices to choose from that do not require any change in belief system or adoption of other cultural practices. 



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