December 11, 2020
Ask Deepak

Reviewing the Day’s Actions.


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Deepak, you have mentioned about the value of recapitulating at the end of the day. Sometimes, I find it hard to simply run the movie of the day in 5 minutes and let it unfold. I get lost into the details of what happened and into the judgments and finding solutions etc. How can I recapitulate without getting attached to details? At times I can recall the events and I can feel something missing or wrong with my response to that event but I find it hard to let go and I am left with a feeling of something “unsolved”. How can I let go of that “unsolved” feeling?


In order to get the kind of objectivity you need in reviewing your day’s activities, you might want to imagine yourself sitting alone in a movie theater while the edited version of your day is projected on the screen. You simply observe what is there without getting drawn into the details or the emotions of the story and actors on the screen. You are not trying to ‘resolve’ or fix what happened, rather you are just noticing what happened.



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