December 14, 2022
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Resistance in Body During Meditation.


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Hi Deepak, I’m experiencing a kind of dull pain in the whole of my body in meditation, I can feel a lot of resistance in my body and it kind of feels like I’m squeezing into it, if you can relate to that. What is it that is happening and what meaning does it have. Thanks for all of your wisdom and kindness.


This type of sensation indicates some deep trauma or conditioning from your past that was stored in your body, is now starting to be released. Beyond that, there is no way to determine its exact origins or its meaning with any certainty. But knowing that story isn’t necessary for it to be fully released. All you need to know is that your meditation is working properly to clear away the next level of stress that is ready to go. The cosmic intelligence that is governing your life is also in charge of the timing and circumstances of your healing and spiritual growth. Trust that inner intelligence and power. If the physical experience is too uncomfortable to meditate effortlessly, then ease off meditation for a few minutes or until it settles down, and then resume your practice once the sensation has abated to the point where random thoughts are coming into your mind. 



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