September 14, 2012

Releasing Past Constrictions.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I started meditating recently with the spring 21 day meditation challenge, I started late so I bought it, probably the best thing I have spent money on in a while, thank you and everyone else who contributed to those great meditations, they have really helped me. I've shared them with a friend too and I hope they can help him like they have helped me.

Anyways my question. I cry when I meditate sometimes. Why? Uncovering old constrictions and emotions? I can feel that some constrictions have lifted, but also at times I can feel them lingering in the background, and it seems that since the recent constrictions have lifted (being able to leave a draining relationship after being sucked back into it a few times), I've gone back, so to say, to past constrictions, namely being nervous in some social situations, more specifically getting nervous when talking to the person I would perhaps like to date. It's almost as if after I have lifted the more recent toxin, an old one has emerged again. I've read your chapter on discovering true self esteem in the 7 keys to happiness and enlightenment and I would like greatly to achieve that state of self-fulfillment and awareness, and I ask myself what am I so scared of in those situations, why do i get to nervous that I freeze? Am I pushing myself too far too fast and expecting too much of myself?
 Should I just straight go for it? I don't want to force it to happen, because that doesn't work. I tell myself I will plunge ahead but then I freeze almost every time. I would like to let the love and creativity flow but something seems to stop me every time I get to that one point. I've listened to the one podcast where David ji talks about choosing one or two things in your life you would like to advance and nurture more, and relationships rings loudly in my heart and soul. I would like to have a good nurturing relationship, I can tell it is what my heart wants. Do you have any advice? Thank you.


If you are weeping during meditation, that indicates that old sorrows and losses are at last being released. So in that sense it is a good thing that deep healing is taking place. With this process you need to be patient and gentle with yourself. The process can’t be rushed. You may feel that having cleared a lot of the emotional constrictions around the idea of dating you should be able to push past the rest of the remaining stresses and act as if you are completely free of the past. It won’t work. There can be many layers to some of these old traumas, and just because you have cleared much of it away doesn’t not mean you won’t still be triggered into a fearful reaction again. That doesn’t mean you can’t stretch out a bit and expand your social interactions, but take small steps that are within your comfort zone. And don’t feel discouraged if old fears reemerge. It doesn’t mean you haven’t made real progress and it doesn’t mean you are starting back at the beginning. Recognize that the voice that is telling you that, does not really know the truth. Understand that the healing process takes time, and that even before you are completely free of the old pain and fear, you can allow the love and creativity within to flow and as it grows stronger, you will begin to trust it more and more. Even with temporary setbacks, you will find your love and fulfillment growing deeper and stronger. That inner joy will naturally bring you a nurturing relationship.


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  1. ashika

    Wow, so nice to understand that this is almost `normal`. Its been a good few years now, and i still have tears. Must be a lot of things I am addressing in the moment of quiet peace.

  2. Deborah Shemesh

    Stress is released through crying, yawning, and all of this is cleansing for the full health of your body/mind. Read Quantum Physics, and explore the mind/body/spirit connection. I am testimony that this "stuff" subject yes, but it really, really works if you want it to. Attitude check! My testimony is that the mind-body connection can enhance your well being, all you have to do is become like a receptor and receive.

  3. pathros

    Crying is past traumas being surfaced.

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