May 12, 2019

Reincarnating Toward God.


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Hi Deepak!  What is reborn? I get the hit that there’s only God and that God is being each one of us and everything there is.  So when our bodies wear out will “I” be reborn or will I just blend/expand back into God and perhaps only my mind will be reborn in another body?


The activity within us that doesn’t know we are God, or universal intelligence, that undeveloped collection of beliefs is what impels the ongoing experience called reincarnation.  In Sanskrit it is called the jiva. It contains the necessary impulses to coalesce a physical body with the pertinent karma to fulfill the soul’s next leg in it’s spiritual journey to self-realization.  It continues the cycle of births until the awakening into self-realization is complete. After enlightenment there is no longer a need to take birth in a physical body. You are then free to play in the unlimited divinity that you have always been.



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