March 19, 2019

Reconciling contradictions.


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I have read many of your books; my favorites are Ageless Body Timeless Mind and Buddha.  The story of Buddha and the teachings were enlightenment and a great understanding.  The one question I do not fine in your writings is that I have never understood how one could believe that the soul or truth and light is not independent in its sphere in which it has been placed to act for its self.  If we are all part of a higher being/universe/life force and do not have our independence, then we are but mere extensions of this life force and do not exist.  Where is our agency or our condemnation? Where is our Anger or our Joy? How are we to then not exist and find happiness and joy in this non-existence?


Even though the soul is connected to the wholeness of life and, in essence, our soul or higher Self is that universal consciousness, still we primarily experience ourselves as individuals in a sensory physical existence acting and as agents making decisions. That is our everyday experience.

It is important not to get carried away with discussions of higher states of consciousness to the point where we become disconnected from life as we know it. We do experience individuality, independence, existence and agency in our own sphere. Just the fact that you wrote this email demonstrates that.

Your confusion stems from your thinking that life can only be one way or another, not both. In fact, life is both individual and universal, free and determined, independent and dependent, one and many.



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