August 25, 2022
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Re-Engaging with a Partner.


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Dear Deepak, My fiancé broke off our engagement 2 months ago, and although I think that his reasons were valid (my insecurities were driving a wedge between us and making him really unhappy), I have had the time needed to see what I have done wrong and put in place coping mechanisms and strategies to not let it happen again. So my question is should I contact him? I’m having an ego versus spirit debate but I am also worried about pushing him further away. I love him and feel the love I have for him as a still peaceful inner calmness that makes me feel strong and secure, I believe that we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives and have done since the moment he came back into my life 2 years ago – someone shouted in my ear ‘there you go’ when I first saw him. So should I write to him and let him know how I feel or would that be interfering and a lack of patience with what is meant to happen? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



It would be perfectly appropriate to share with him your recent growth and progress on your insecurity issues that led to the breakup. Otherwise he won’t know what you have accomplished and how important the relationship is to you. As long as you convey this to him in a simple, heartfelt way without drama or desperation, you should be fine. Good luck.



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