October 3, 2022
Ask Deepak

Primordial Sound Meditation.


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Dear Deepak,

For the last few months I have been doing the mantra  “So Hum”  for meditation  that you recommended as an easy meditation  for anybody to do. I really like it and I feel like it has really helped stabilize my moods and given me greater self-assurance. What I was wondering is if I should move on to the Primordial Sound Meditation that you teach. I like the idea of a more personalized mantra for me and maybe a more structured kind of meditation instruction. Do you have any advice on that? Should I just stick with So Hum, or start PSM?


There is no problem either way. You can stay with the So Hum mantra or start the Primordial Sound Mediation. The main rule here is to follow your heart or deep feelings. Given that you naturally found yourself drawn to PSM, you may want to follow up on that instinct. 

I will say that the Primordial Sound Meditation instruction is a more thorough and complete meditation learning process that also gives you a support system and fuller understanding to ground and guide your meditation process. 



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