September 16, 2017

Post-Breakup Doubts.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I`ve been passing through hard, painful and difficult period in my life. After my boyfriend left me (some 6 months ago), I started to ask myself what I did so wrong. To be correct, he wasn`t the only one who couldn`t work out in the relationship with me. So I turned to work with my inner world to solve a brunch of my problems. my love life was the most problematic among the others. So, my question would be: If I ever become a capable person for a relationship with men, will any of them want to involve with me?? Because of my experiences with partners, I am full of doubt and I just can’t believe that I will ever meet any person who would like me. After the recent breakup I can`t imagine the situation I meet someone I like and at the same time he likes and wants to be with me


We attract the partner in our life that helps us heal and become whole.  This basic mechanism operates independently of our desire for an ideal mate and our fears of not finding anyone. The best thing to do is to be receptive and willing to go through the growth process as it presents itself, rather than thinking you or your partner must satisfy some ideal criteria before you can move forward. When the time is right, you will definitely meet someone.



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