December 14, 2011

Parents Moving Away.


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Hi, Ever since my parents decided to move to a much more remote location, I've had the inner feeling that I'm not supposed to be here. It seems the universe sends me synchronistic omens such as police cars and ambulances parked around the residence, and even while driving on the highway towards my house, far to many times just to be coincidence. This, the feeling of not moving along my path, along with the accumulation of various other life problems, always seems to leave me depressed. Would you suggest waiting it out? What's the best way I can figure this out? Do i just leave? Thank you very much.


The police and ambulance vehicles may remind you of your loneliness, but I don’t think they are messages from Nature for you to leave. You haven’t provided you age or status in life, but if you are an adult and living on your own, then your parents leaving means it is time for you to become your own person emotionally and not feel dependent on your mother and father for you sense of security and sense of belonging. Most young people do that through a career and/or through romantic relationships. If those channels haven’t opened up for you yet, you can use this time as an opportunity for you to dig deep inside and find your sense of purpose by reflecting on what your unique talents and abilities. This will tell you how best you can serve others, and once you discover that , you will feel like you belong.


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  1. Ana Martinez

    You already know the answer. You are lucky to have a family that plays such an important role in your life.


    To tell you my story, is short... as a woman... turning 17 wish for one hole year to go away from my parents house, when turning 18, left as soon as I could... years later (3) had a child the one gave me strength to continue and did what I had to do to provide, turned in to single mom. In the way, noticed being a parent is not easy, understood their situation as a guardians but also noticed that I wasn`t happy near them for many reasons, they offered to come back to help... thought about it for couple of months, learned that living with them stop me from growing , from living my own life, Now I am married, have a good life, two boys and try to practice my learnings with them... try to see them twice a year and phone calls every time I can... being away from them was hard indeed, but is it worth when you are risking to learn to live??... I don`t think so!...


    I think we have all felt like this at sometime or another...leaving the apon strings! I too left my parents, 6000 miles away, but got to see them 2x`s over the 6 years. When I came back into their lives things were pretty much different, I no longer had the need to attachment, very independant now, don`t get me wrong, I was there when they needed me, or if I needed them. Now my mother is in a nursing home, I`m there for her. It`s really good to let go, not so painful as we get ready for any transitions.... It`s fear that we hold on to, time to let go!

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