March 24, 2023
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Overwhelming Humanitarian Vision.


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Dear Deepak, I’ve been doing a meditation where I visualize things I want to experience, how do I want to grow and how do I want to contribute to the world. Interestingly; when I get to the third part and I visualize the contributions I want to make.. I feel an intense flow of energy, information and emotions. I start crying out of happiness and smiling.. But I also feel overwhelmed and as if I have a big responsibility. Often times this disrupts the end of the meditation and I’m left feeling as if there is still information to retrieve. My intuition tells me that is because I’m still not prepared to receive this information. So I’d like your opinion on what might be happening and how can I manage this overflow of energy so I can tap into this visualization for longer without feeling the need to cry. Once again; thank you very much.


You have a beautiful and loving spirit, however, you seem to have a misplaced sense of responsibility. Your vision of helping and healing the world is not a project that rests on any one person’s shoulders. The greatest contribution you can make for balance on the planet and helping humanity, is to focus on your own spiritual awakening. That is as big a responsibility as anyone can handle anyway. When you realize your true nature, you know that you are one with the universe, and from there, changing the world is much easier.



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January 3, 2023
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